BUG is an art center* run by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd., and opened its doors on September 20, 2023.

Drawing on our experience of operating “Recruit’s Two Galleries” in Ginza for over 30 years as part of our CSR activities, we are committed to providing an open space where a diverse range of visitors, including students and those who have gone out into society, people from abroad, and of course, artists and art workers**, can encounter new perspectives, people, and concepts.

Furthermore, we place high value on cultivating a relationship of trust with the artists and art workers that we collaborate with in each exhibition and event—fostering new opportunities and creating an environment where individuals can challenge themselves to the best of their ability. We are committed to improving working conditions and practices within the art industry, with the aim of fostering a sense of security for individuals to pursue their activities over the long term. As we embark on this new endeavor at BUG, we will act in accordance with the following directives.


*This conveys our dedication to not only host exhibition projects, but also support artists— creating a space where various people come together through art and mutually influence each other.

**Museum and gallery staff members, and freelancers in the field of art.

Our three activity directives
1. Supporting Various Life Stages

– When organizing events, we will make every effort to arrange schedules that allow for a balance between childcare and caregiving responsibilities.

– When inviting artists who are raising children to take part in talk events or exhibitions, we will assess their childcare needs and provide appropriate support (i.e., covering expenses for babysitters during setups that have to take place on Sundays or evening talk events).

– For the BUG Art Award, eligibility is based on years of experience, rather than age. Artists with less than 10 years of creative experience are eligible to apply, and each applicant is free to define “creative experience” as they see fit. Applicants also have the option to exclude any gaps in their creative activities due to childbirth, medical treatment, caregiving, or the like.

– In order to promote participation, artists and art workers residing outside of the Greater Tokyo area and its three neighboring prefectures are reimbursed for their travel costs (when using public transportation).

2. Ensuring Appropriate Partnerships

– Setting appropriate compensation for artists and curators.

– Providing explanations of contracts and confirming terms prior to entering an agreement.

– Ensuring that contracts are finalized before carrying out work, and including clear provisions in the contract which detail each party’s rights, including copyright, as well as remuneration and production expenses.

– Securing insurance coverage to address potential injuries or other issues concerning artists and art workers during the operation of exhibitions.

3. Providing Career Support

■ 【For Artists】 Host the BUG Art Award

– Open to artists who have worked for less than 10 years, the award supports artists’ growth through the screening.

– The 20 semi-finalists (which may include artist units) who have passed the first screening receive feedback from each of the judges. We also offer lectures and consultation meetings about setting up and holding exhibitions.

– Those asked to judge the award are individuals who are capable of offering support and advice to artists from a familiar standpoint, joining us in paving the way for a new generation. Judges also stand in alignment with BUG’s mission and are enthusiastic about shaping this new award together.


■【For Artists and Art Workers】 Organize Exhibitions

– We introduce a range of artists with different experiences and careers through the exhibition format. Moreover, we present artists’ concepts and unique dedication to their work through discussion events and other endeavors aimed to share their work more widely.

– In order to enhance career opportunities for artists, we provide them with experiences selling their work.

– Through the sharing of exhibition information in Japanese and English, as well as the production of interview videos, we hope to accumulate a substantial archive.


■【For Art Workers】 Support the careers of art workers*

*Museum and gallery staff members, and freelancers in the field of art.


– We run programs for network building and talent development among art organizers who work across various genres.

– We strive to build networks for young critics and provide a space to present their ideas.

– We host workshops and events that advance art workers’ careers.

Recruit established two galleries in Ginza

Recruit established two galleries in Ginza, Creation Gallery G8 and Guardian Garden, as part of its CSR activities (both closing their doors in 2023). The spaces focused on visual communication, as visual expression is essential for a company whose business is the provision of information through a range of media such as information magazines, the internet, and mobile devices. Creation Gallery G8 introduced major Japanese creators and quality designs, while Guardian Garden supported the work of promising young creators through open call exhibitions.

Creation Gallery G8

Established on January 16, 1985

Closed on September 2, 2023

Guardian Garden

Established on December 4, 1990

Closed on August 26, 2023

About space

The striking stepped shape of one exhibition wall allows people to catch glimpses of the exhibition from the outside, and the streetside wall can also be built on. At its lowest, the wall still stands three meters high, providing ample space and height to function as a standard exhibition wall. While maintaining its quality as an exhibition space, the design of the venue invites the artworks and the artists’ activities to expand and connect with the outside world.

Date of completion

March 9, 2023

Total area


Exhibition space area


Length of exhibition wall


Video explaining
the BUG space
3D data
Masatoshi Hirai

Masatoshi Hirai is an architect who seeks to design sites that create new networks connecting people, time, and space. Born in Kyoto, he obtained his graduate degree from the University of Tsukuba’s Master’s Program in Art and Design in 2005. He worked at Atelier Bow Wow from 2005 until 2012, when he established Masatoshi Hirai Architects Atelier. He served as a design assistant at Yokohama Graduate School of Architecture (Y-GSA) from 2012 to 2015. Since 2017, he has been a part-time lecturer at Hosei University’s Graduate School, and he has been a visiting lecturer at Musashino Art University since 2020. Major awards include the 2019 Residential Architecture Prize for “Villa Potager,” and the 2022 Architectural Institute of Japan Young Architect Award for Selected Architectural Designs for “Sarugaku Plural Directed Tower.”

About Logo

Each letter of the logo is composed of circles, triangles, and squares, representing the possibility of bugs to emerge from the encounters of various ideas and expressions through BUG. The design, which rises to the right, encapsulates the wish to serve as a space that encourages artists’ growth. This is how we came up with the three logos: one for BUG, the art center, another for the BUG Art Award, which serves as one of our core programs, and lastly for BUG Cafe, a cafe attached to the space.

Visual identity planning
Atsuki Kikuchi
Art Director, Graphic Designer

Born in Tokyo in 1974, Atsuki Kikuchi attended Musashino Art University’s Department of Sculpture. He established Bluemark Inc. in 2000, and closed its doors in 2011. Since then, he has been running his own design office. He works on brand planning, logo design, signage planning, editorial design and more, especially in the field of art, crafts, and architecture. His major works include: VI and signage planning for Aomori Museum of Art (2006), and art direction for brands such as minä perhonen (1995-2004) and Sally Scott (2002-2020).

Statement Writing
Mika Kunii

Born in Tokyo and raised in Chiba, Kunii graduated from Rikkyo University, College of Arts. After working at LIGHT PUBLICITY Co., Ltd., she launched her own private office. She bridges the gap between companies and the outside world through the creative use of language and ideas in the commercial space, such as corporate messaging and advertising, as well as brand creation and developments.