The screening process

BUG Art Award is an award that supports the growth of artists in the screening process.


We accept applications through our online form.
Please check the application requirements that are released every fall for the latest application period.

First Screening

The judges will screen the (PDF) applications. All judges will be present during the discussion session, and select 20 semi-finalists.

Online Lecture on Creating an Exhibition Plan/Proposal

For the 20 semi-finalists, we provide a lecture to guide them through the process of creating an exhibition plan and proposal (which includes the budget and schedule). We cover the basics, from identifying the purpose of creating an exhibition plan to the details of how to create one, so even those with limited experience in exhibition planning need not worry.

Online Consultation Session for the Exhibition Plan/Proposal

This is an opportunity to have an individual consultation with the lecturer about your polished exhibition plan and proposal, after the lecture.

Second Screening 

The semi-finalists move on to a one-on-one screening with a judge, held in-person at BUG, which will be the venue for the Finalists Exhibition. The judges will then hold a discussion to determine the six finalists. Regardless of their result, the 20 semi-finalists will receive comments from all the judges.

Online Guidance for the Finalists Exhibition 

We will explain the schedule leading up to the Finalists Exhibition and the content of the Final Public Screening online.

Finalists Exhibition Meeting

All finalists will gather at BUG and share their exhibition plans. Upon gaining an understanding of one another’s exhibition plan, the group will have a discussion to determine their respective exhibition spaces.

Consultation Session for Exhibition and Installation Methods

This is an opportunity to consult with an installer (an expert in installing exhibitions) about how to realize the exhibition and move forward with the installation process, based on your plan for the Finalists Exhibition. The consultations will be held individually, but it is also possible to listen in on the other finalists’ consultations. We hope this provides an opportunity to gain different perspectives and pick up on pointers that you may not have heard.

Finalists Exhibition (a six-person group exhibition)

BUG holds a group exhibition for the six finalists.
We offer the venue free of charge, provide up to 150,000 JPY to cover production expenses, and produce posters and flyers to support the promotion of the exhibition.

Final Public Screening

During the run of the Finalists Exhibition, the judges will do a final screening to determine the Grand Prize winner.
The finalists will give a public presentation about their exhibited work, as well as their planned solo exhibition should they win. The judges will make their decision based on three factors: 1) work at the Finalists Exhibition; 2) the solo exhibition plan; and 3) the presentation.

Grand Prize Winner’s Solo Exhibition

The winner of the Grand Prize will be able to hold a solo exhibition at BUG about a year after receiving the prize.
BUG will offer the venue free of charge, provide up to 3 million yen for exhibition expenses, and produce posters and flyers to support promotion of the exhibition.