BUG, operated by Recruit Holdings Co., Ltd. is pleased to present “BUG School: Let’s Move Around!” from Wednesday, November 29, 2023, in collaboration with independent curator Kaho Ikeda as a guest curator. This project will provide a venue to introduce several artists at once, with nine artists presenting small exhibitions and various programs.


With the goal of fostering this project as an ongoing effort to open up the possibilities of the art center, we will create opportunities for people to connect with artists’ concepts and creations. It is also a learning opportunity that can be enjoyed by various people, including businesspeople and students who may not have had the opportunity to come into contact with art before.




Curator's comment

Art center BUG, which opened in September 2023, is directly connected to Tokyo Station and has a café attached, but we are at the stage of unknowns as to what kind of place it will grow into. As a new possibility for the art center that goes beyond “exhibition and appreciation,” we will collaborate with nine artists born between 1989 and 1999 and present “BUG School:Let’s Move Around!”, an experimental learning space for 32 days.


The artists participating in this project, created their works with focus on the channel of the body, deepening their diverse worldviews by using the body’s contingencies and unconsciously accumulated sensations as the starting point for their creations, and by reinterpreting their relationships with society, the environment, and others through the medium of the body. In addition to a small exhibition in mixture of past and new works, this program will focus on dialogue with viewers or participatory programs using the body and hands, as a place for learning. In this program, the artists will not present works or techniques in a one-way manner, but rather share with the participants the stories, sensations, and thoughts that exist in the process of creation, aiming to understand each other’s values and ways of thinking.


The title “Let’s Move Around!” is intended to express our hope that various resonances will emerge at the newly launched art center BUG through artists’ practices that will move the viewers’ senses and thoughts, and also through the various programs that will be held during the same period. Let’s learn together in this time-limited school that will appear this winter.


*The works exhibited at BUG School will be available for purchase, taking over the charity project that has continued for over 30 years at Creation Gallery G8 and Guardian Garden, which ended its activities in September 2023. This project is an attempt to create an opportunity to understand the historical, political, social, and cultural context behind the artists and their works before purchasing them, and to consider the organic nature of buying and selling artworks.

Independent Curator

Since 2016, she researches collectives and DIY cultures that have developed from traditional practices and social conditions, mainly in East Asia and Southeast Asia. She horizontally curates shows in Japan and abroad combining exhibitions, performances, and educational programs. Her recent exhibitions include Recipe Library (Rumah Budaya Sikukeluang / INTA-NET KYOTO, 2022), Open Park MINE: Our Street Style Play (Yamanaka Suplex annex MINE, 2023). Ikeda was previously an assistant curator at Mori Art Museum, Tokyo and became independent in the spring of 2023.


2023.11.29WED 2024.1.14SUN

Opening Hours

11:00 — 19:00


Tuesdays, and from December 25 (Mon), 2024 through January 4 (Thu)